Monday, September 14, 2009

Flash Games Victoria Real 2003

Baltimore drop was a gaming format pitched as a casino-friendly kiosk game.
Battleships was created by the crack team of Bruno Deroulede, Brian MacSweeney and myself. We pitched a number of ideas to The National Lottery for instant win online games. Bruno came up with the the simplest and strongest idea, Battleships - but with random grid positions, set by dice.
With such a straightforward gameplay, I was free to make the 'action' as rich as possible, and I'm still very pleased with the depth charges, explosions and flare effects in the game.
Staying Power never went live - it was the product of Endemol's relations with a US gaming company, for a few sweet months we made a rock solid massive multiplayer online quiz show. Starting with live crowds in their hundreds, whittling the experience down to a lucky few at the end.
It was a great balance between elimination and satisfying gameplay for the majority.
This poster screen was composed initially by Julia Manninen, a designer who brought really strong and unusual touches to lots of projects at VR and Endemol.

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