Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BurtonMcFaul.com : Interactive Formats and Production

First things first. Anyone looking for interactive consultancy for online dramas, games and drama formats for social networks, or new interactive entertainment bubbling up through some strange, hot, new platform, should read on.
I work with companies like Nintendo, Lego, Endemol and the BBC to create interactive formats. These are great when they happen along and if I am waiting on one I also get my hands covered in pixels, doing Flash game design, After Effects work, and general graphics street brawling of one kind and another.
A good reference for the brightly-coloured soft gaming world I originally came from can be found at my portfolio site, at mousematt.com.
My After Effects work for the BBC3 Comedy show called 'The Wall' is on this showreel.
A PDF with about 10 of my favourite design projects can be found in this portfolio. It includes two formats I helped define: the immersive drama 'Signs Of Life' for the BBC, and the children's online zoo game, ROAR which was the BBC's most successful online game ever.
Finally, for anyone wishing to contact me or take a closer look there is the modesty-to-the-wind production that is my cv - beware, it contains some New Media phrases that are so cutting edge they are barely meaningful.